Garageio Smartens Up Your Garage Door with DIY Home Automation

This DIY home automation device uses your home's WiFi to control any garage door.

Garageio DIY Home Automation

Out of all of the doors in your house, the garage deserves a little automated love the most. Sure, having a smart lock on the front door is awesome for getting home and not having to deal with keys or even letting the dog-walker in while you’re at work. However, the garage door is probably the door that you leave open the most and it’s the only one you try to access while seated in a moving vehicle. Oh, it’s also the heaviest door of the lot.

So why not give it a little DIY home automation magic? A company named Alottazs Labs is making it insanely easy with the Garageio.

As you could probably guess, the Garageio is a DIY home automation device that can turn any garage door into a smart garage door. Just add the square Garageio box to your door, connect it to your home’s WiFi network, and download the app for iOS and Android devices.

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Once the whole thing is connected, Garageio allows you to check the door from the driveway, the office, or the beach. If you left it open, Garageio lets you close it. It also allows you to open it if your neighbors need to borrow the lawn mower or get in to feed the cat.

Garageio provides alerts to let you know if the door was left open—and who left it open. The app has an activity log and provides access to up to three garage doors from one device. It even works with IFTTT (If This Then That), so you can set the door to open or close based on the weather, your location, and more.

The Garageio DIY home automation garage controller is currently available for pre-order, promising to ship within 2 to 3 weeks. The single-door Garageio is selling for $149, with a two-door version priced at $169 and three-door access going for $189.


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