From My Control4 App Wish List: Grocery Shopping

Not long after I published a wish list of Control4 apps, a Belgian firm delivers an app for managing grocery lists.


Someone made my Control4 App!

I created a 4Store wish list in July, which included a grocery list management system.

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Looks like my wish has come true, thanks to I-Novi, a new design group from the Belgium-based technology consulting firm Altran.

I-Novi’s “Organizer” lets you:

Organize your everyday shopping list in a simple manner, and save it to your Email. Show a calendar indicating days when groceries are posted and get a groceries list for each day.

There’s no associated barcode scanner at this point.

The $9.99 Organizer app is now available through the Control4 4Store. I-Novi director Ruairi Duffy tells me the company plans to add a “chores” and “post-it note” function to the app: “The idea being that parents could assign chores/tasks to their kids via the calendar function.”

Yeah, good luck with that.

Some other interesting 4Store apps have cropped up lately to accompany more mundane offerings such as Bible Quotes, Daily Horoscope, Bill Gates Quotes, Shamu Live Cam and Family Guy Quotes.

They include: sports scores for NBA, golf (like that’s a sport), MLB, NASCAR and other games; TimeWarner Cable diagnostics that displays signal information; movie trivia; and the card game 21.

(Thanks, Joe Whitaker)


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