Free Info Series Supplement: Navigating New Technologies

The trick to enjoying new technologies is intuitive control

While home technologies change constantly, one thing remains the same, our need to be able to control and operate that technology far outweighs whatever cool functions that technology does. What good is the latest smart TV, power amplifier or streaming media center if you can’t turn it on and find the correct input or music track without spending 30 minutes punching remote buttons.

Luckily, our gadgets are getting better at being intuitive and at communicating with each other. Better, but not perfect. If there’s one thing that the iPhone and iPad have taught us (and there are many more than just one thing) it’s that ease of use is the first rule in making the owner happy.

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In the articles enclosed, we go over several scenarios where product or system operation is as important as the core product functions. The truth is today function and operation go hand-in-hand. Usually the best solutions come from companies that specialize in advanced remotes and home control systems, because making things work is what those companies are all about.


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