First Look: Wi-Fi Remote with Weather, News, On-Remote Guide

Thanks to Wi-Fi, Acoustic Research's ARRU449 puts more than the power of entertainment into your hand.


The ARRU449 utilizes the click365 technology, wireless content and services network developed by tvCompass Inc.

If you’re like me, it’s hard to sit through another depressing newscast just to get to the weekend weather. Stupid Red Sox!

Now instead of having to relive those not-so-magical sports (and other) moments, I can make my own highlight reel right on the Acoustic Research ARRU449 remote control. The unit has built-in wireless Wi-Fi technology, which uses your broadband connection to stream sports scores (oh, the agony!), weather and other headlines, as well as a list of what looks good on your local channel lineup.

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Wi-Fi also keeps the Electronic Program Guide current — and customized. You can select from “All Channels,” “My Channels,” “My Shows” or sort the guide to display HDTV movies (yes!), family or sports based on your zip code.

Oh, it also provides control — a lot of it. It can handle your DVR, DVD player, cable and/or satellite receiver and almost any other A/V you need instant access to.

You may have the $399.99 in hand, but for now, you’re going to have to keep using your lame, non-Wi-Fi remote. The ARRU449 won’t be available until October.


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