Fibaro Shows Home Safety Automation Devices

Z-Wave flood and smoke sensors boast super smarts for better home protection.

European manufacturer Fibaro is bringing its wireless Z-Wave home automation system to the states this fall, which includes a couple of ala carte devices that add a new level of intelligence to the average smoke detector and floor sensor. Besides being small enough to fit into the palm of your hand—the floor sensor floats and was actually molded to resemble a drop of water—the security devices, which were introduced today at the 2013 Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association Expo in Denver, possess a few extra smarts not typically found in standard flood and smoke sensors.

For starters, both feature a built-in LED diode that tells you if the device is in range (or not) of the Z-Wave communications network (all Fibaro Z-Wave components establish a network with the company’s Home Center 2 hub). If not, they can be repositioned for a better connection.

The flood sensor also features tilt sensor because it’s intended to be placed in the floor. “Should someone accidentally kick it, for example, the system will let you know with an audible alert,” says Fibaro director of USA operations, Rich Bira.

The smoke battery-powered smoke sensor sets itself apart by being able to collect data. It’s built-in electronic recording device can record when the fire started, how quickly it spread and the rate at which the temperature rose—information that’s important during the investigation of a fire.

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