Extreme Makeover: The iPhone Edition

A Minnesota-based homebuilder is hoping to sell houses based on tech extras.


Elan's free g!Mobile app works with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

A powder room, finished basement, good school system, heart-shaped swimming pool; there are certain perks that make a home a must-have. However, if one homebuilder has his way, iPhone control will soon be added to the standard list of extras.

Twin Cities-based builder Rocky DiGiacomo has started putting iPhone functionality into his a few of his home offerings. According to the Star Tribune, these features will allow some lucky homeowners to tap into the garage door, the HVAC system, security cameras, and even the A/V setup, all via that extra-special handheld. The equipment can vary, but DiGiacomo has been using Elan’s free g!Mobile app to deliver the iPhone goods.

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“We’re trying to piggyback on the hoopla over iPhones,” DiGiacomo told the paper.

It certainly sounds like good business sense, given the current iPhone frenzy (see your local Verizon store for some of that). That said, DiGiacomo says that the equipment alone can cost $20,000. It seems like a bit of a stretch, especially in this economy. Even DiGiacomo admits that it can be a tough sell.

However, I’m all for standing out, and it looks like DiGiacomo has his hook. It sounds like an interesting business model, as well as a good add-on for an iPhone user. There are plenty of apps out there; do you think this is something people will want to see in a real estate listing?

After all, if there is one guy that wants a toilet-shaped house, there have to be millions that wants this sort of functionality as a standard, right? Would you buy a house based on iPhone compatibility? Sound off in the comments section below.


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