Exceptional Innovation Set to Ship LifeMedia Media Center PCs

The first 50 CableCard-ready LifeMedia Media Center PCs from Exceptional Innovation are set to ship. Built on Intel’s Viiv platform, the units promise unparalleled media control, automation integratio

Exceptional Innovation, makers of the award-winning Lifeware software, are preparing the ship the first 50 units of their much-anticipated LifeMedia Media Center PCs. These higher-end units (starting at around $4,500) come in 5 models, all aiming to combine a home’s digital entertainment and home automation needs in a flexible, sleek-looking product.

Check out Arlen Schweiger’s review of the product earlier this spring, and then go to EI’s website to read up on the LifeMedia servers and the Lifeware software that comes with it.

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$4,500 is not a small check to write for a Media Center PC – and that’s presumably just for the entry-level model, the LMS-300. How many households need a Media Center that delivers storage of movies, pictures, recorded TV, etc. and acts as an access point for the home’s subsystems? I know I’m not there yet, though I’ll admit I’d enjoy having one. One thing seems sure – 50 units won’t meet what demand there is, and we know what happens when there’s a short supply.


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