Eve Irrigation Controller Uses ZigBee to Connect to the Smart Home

Designed specifically for SmartThings, Plaid Systems will launch the controller on Kickstarter.

It’s been really hot lately. Are you watering that lawn? Instead of trying to save those few brown patches, you may want to consider the “set it and forget it” approach. If that’s the case, we’d like to introduce you to Eve.

Eve is a new smart home irrigation controller. However, it doesn’t just water your garden and lawn automatically, but can also integrate with your home automation system. It can even save a few precious drops (and a few bucks), thanks to a moisture sensor known as “Adam.”

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Eve is specifically designed to connect to a SmartThings hub via the ZigBee protocol. This is what allows it to connect to your home automation system, as well as weather services. The latter is especially important, since Eve doesn’t really rely on scheduling. Instead, it uses up to eight of the aforementioned wireless moisture sensors to create a customized watering schedule for each zone.

According to parent company Plaid Systems, Eve can measure moisture at two soil depths: the surface and the root. It also taps into weather services and uses predictions to determine the best time for watering — and adjusts that based on each day’s data.

“Everyone’s yard is unique and it’s very difficult to predict and account for the variations that affect how often you need to water,” says Nathan Cauffman, creator of Eve and founder of Plaid Systems. “Eve shortcuts all of that and tells you exactly what you need to know — does the soil need water or not?”

Another perk to SmartThings integration is that Eve will work with the SmartThings app. That way, you can adjust Eve’s preferences, view current moisture data, toggle zones manually, and view the status of each zone. Currently, there’s no word on when we can meet Eve in person — and for how much. Plaid Systems is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Eve sometime this month.

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