Energy Monitoring with Smart Grid

Control4, GridPoint team to provide energy management solutions.

control4 smartgrid

Energy management feedback is available to homeowners right from their TVs with Control4 and GridPoint technology.

President Obama says he wants a “smart grid” for more efficient electrical distribution. Maybe he should talk to Control4 and GridPoint.

The two companies have announced that they are teaming to integrate smart energy management devices in the home with smart grid systems used by utilities.

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The energy management systems come from home control company Control4. Its Home Energy Manager will provide homeowners with the ability to easily control their lighting, thermostat, sprinklers, electronic shut-offs and other features through a single in-home display.

The smart grid comes from GridPoint. Control4’s thermostat and in-home display will be integrated in the GridPoint Platform, a software infrastructure that enables electric utilities to deliver energy efficiency, load management, renewable energy management and electric vehicle management solutions.

The collaboration will be tested in a number of trials in 2009, and will provide utilities with energy efficiency and load management solutions. For example, customers signing up for discounted services may allow the utility to cut power to appliances such as a clothes washer or drier during times of peak energy use. Control4 will provide the real-time information and control within homes, while GridPoint’s technology spreads this functionality to all a utility’s homes to provide a more balanced and efficient supply of electricity.

The collaboration will also provide consumers with advanced energy management, including the ability to create an energy profile online to automatically manage energy according to their consumption and budget goals.

GridPoint is working with utilities nationwide including Xcel Energy, Austin Energy and Duke Energy to modernize the electricity grid.



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