Enblink Turns Google TV into a Home Automation Hub

The USB plug-in works in conjunction with Google TV and any Z-Wave device.

Here’s another reason to check out Google TV: It can actually control your house. Well, it can if that Google TV device is paired up with Enblink.

Enblink is a dongle that looks a lot like your typical USB thumb drive. This pint-sized device is designed to work with Google TV, as well as Z-Wave devices for lighting, security, temperature control, and much more.

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Just plug the Enblink into an available USB port on any Google TV device, whether it’s an actual HDTV or an add-on like the Asus Cube. Once connected, download the free app. From there, you can use the app to control all of those Z-Wave devices, both in and outside of the house.

“Google TV already lets you manage tons of content from around the web,” said Jake Yoon, CEO of Enblink. “Now, we are taking that a step further and leveraging this platform to allow users to manage the devices in their living rooms and throughout the home.”

Enblink is making home control easy, but also affordable. The pre-order price for the add-on is just $85. Once it starts shipping to the masses next month, that price will go up to $99. The company is also offering pre-packaged bundles with basic lighting and security devices for $145.

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