Elite Screens Flips for Remote Control

The ZR800D universal remote is made to work with most A/V and Elite Prime Vision electric screens.


Elite's ZR800D has an auto search function with 500 pre-programmed device codes.

Don’t be fooled by the name Elite Screens. They make other stuff too, you know.

Lately, they are pimping one of their new remotes: the ZR800D. It only makes sense that if they make a motorized screen, they’d supply the remote to control it, right? This one does more than that, also tackling amps, DVD players, TVs, set-top boxes and anything else you’ve got in the A/V mix.

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There are 500 preprogrammed codes to get you started. Once you’ve tinkered with that, start setting up macros — the unit allows you to set up codes for up to eight devices.

The ZR800D comes standard with Elite Prime Vision electric screen, but you can also get one on your own. The company says the product has “an appealing price point.” It also has a “secretive” price point; you’ll have to contact them or your dealer to get that info.


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