Sign Up Now: Electronic House Home Automation Webinar


If you’ve ever marveled at the high-tech automation in many of the homes featured in Electronic House and wanted to learn more about the subject, now is your chance. At 8PM (EST) this evening, Electronic House is conducting a special educational webcast on home automation and home control. You can be a part of it for free and even possibly when a home control prize from Lutron.

Home automation, once thought of as a technology only for the super wealthy, has changed a lot in recent years. It’s a lot less complicated and more affordable then you probably thought. Advances in wireless networks, smart phones and small but powerful processors have made home automation a technology that’s easy get and easier to live with. Most people who’ve made the investment in a home automation system can’t believe they ever lived without it.

Looking to build the best home automation system possible? Get expert guidance in this FREE special report, Smart Home Automation: Planning Guide for Every Budget.

In this webinar, we’ll explain the many lifestyle and energy savings benefits, lean about the types of systems and devices involved in home automation and discuss how homeowners and integrators can easily design and install system to fit any need or budget

You can learn more about this June 6th webcast and the Lutron giveaway here.


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