Elan Unveils Volume Control Line

Six affordable offerings include electronic, slider and rotary models.


Each Volume Control has four impedance match settings for optimal performance in multiroom applications.

Not so proud to be loud? Elan Home Systems is giving you a stylish way to put the kibosh on your audio/video systems.

They just announced six models in every mode imaginable: electronic push-button, slider and rotary. None of them has visible screws for a nice sleek look. Choose from white, almond, light almond, ivory, black and brown.

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The company is tooting the horn of their Equi-Step technology, which “provides audibly equal volume increments over all 12 steps.” They also include four impedance match settings, labeled, removable connectors, and an override circuit for door/pager chimes. A built-in infrared (IR) receiver also means that you can control the system without losing your seat.

If you’ve got one of their older models, it’s old school! They aren’t going to make them anymore. The new models will be out by the end of this year; prices will range from $36 to $190 each


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