Elan Showcases XP-8.4 Wi-Fi Touch Panel

Elan's new Wi-Fi touchpanel features an 8.4-inch LCD screen, better Wi-Fi range and web browsing.

elan xp84

Elan Home Systems' XP-8.4 Touch Panel

Coming from the land of horse racing, it’s no surprise that Elan Home Systems has introduced a thoroughbred of a touchpanel.

The Lexington, KY-based company has added the XP-8.4 Wireless Controller to its lineup of Whole Home Touch Panels, and there’s not much that this beauty can’t do.

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The 8.4-inch LCD touchscreen allows for wired or wireless home control, with color graphics, web browsing, extended 802.11g Wi-Fi, longer battery life and embedded Windows XP.

The deluxe docking/recharging cradle gives you Ethernet and USB ports, as well as the juice to give the XP-8.4 up to six hours of operation away from the dock. If your fingers aren’t so nimble, you’ll like having the USB to hook in a keyboard or mouse for easier and more comfortable web browsing.

You can also have your custom installer personalize the screen with a display you’ll be happy to view all the time and doesn’t clash with the rest of your room.

Look for the XP-8.4 from authorized Elan dealers in Q1 of next year for an MSRP of $3,350.


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