DIYer Uses iPhone 4S and Siri for Home Automation

One user shows an alternate, automated use for Apple's latest innovation.


We knew that Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S and Siri would lead to bigger, better things — automated things.

While some of you are using the device’s new personal assistant application to plan outfits and make restaurant recommendations, Christoper Deutsch taught Siri how to do a little home automation.

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Deutsch enlisted a few add-ons, including an Insteon thermostat and appliance module. Of course, you’ll also need the iPhone 4S. He details all of the add-ons and part of the process on his blog.

More importantly, he explains the sequence of events. According to Deutsch’s site and Technabob, it goes a little something like this: Give Siri the command, and it goes to a Twilio SMS number. Twilio then sends its info to his Node web application, then to the Indigo Web server, and to the Insteon thermostat/appliance.

Yes, it seems like a lot just to turn on the fan. It’s not exactly moving any tech mountains, but his daughter seems pretty happy about it. So are we, actually. This has to be a sign of things to come. Check out the video below.


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