DIYer Controls Home with Windows Phone

A video demo shows TV control, lighting, temperature, and much more.


There are a lot of home control apps available in iTunes and the Android Market. However, one self-proclaimed DIYer took it upon himself to do a little something different, using a Windows 7 phone.

The video below is completely silent until the musical portion of the program. That’s probably just as well, since it also appears to be French. However, there are English subtitles to tell us this app can display temperature and power consumption, control appliances and lighting, and access security cameras.

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Those lighting features are particularly interesting. Besides flipping switches, this app adds a bit of ambiance, via “millions of colors” and the option to synchronize with music sources. It can even flip between AV sources and control things such as the channel, volume, and more.

Julien Schapmen of Touch Xperience published the video. He didn’t divulge too many of his secrets, such as what equipment he used. However, his Facebook page says that his 3G phone communicates with a home server controlling an X10 setup, as well as “an USB-UIRT, amBX and programmable LED systems for ambient lighting.”

The end result cost him €400 (about $545 U.S.) “and a lot of programming work!” Take a peek below and then shoot over to his website to sample more of his work.


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