Danalock Smart Lock Only $99 Bluetooth or Z-Wave

Just don't lose your smart phone.

Smart locks are the sleeper product category of the year. It’s a little surprising, with all the Ultra HD, streaming music and other product categories buzzing this year, smart locks appear to be among the most popular. Apparently, people really hate carrying keys.

However, one of the drawback of most smart locks is their price. Most are $200 and up. A new Danish company hopes to get your attention by offering a Bluetooth or Z-Wave controllable smart lock for only $99. It looks very similar to the August Smart Lock at half the price.

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The Danalock, from Poly-Control is also unique because it doesn’t actually replace your existing deadbolt—it works with it. You leave your deadbolt in place and attach the Danalock onto the inside face of the door. If the video (see below) is accurate, installation should take just a few minutes.

The Danalock is available in square and circular versions to fit most doors. You can also get the lock in Z-wave, Bluetooth or a version that contains both protocols. The versions with only one wireless technology (Bluetooth or Z-Wave) cost $99 while the versions with both cost $125.

Only the Z-Wave versions allow operation over the internet, so if you think you’ll want to open or close your door when you’re away from the house, go with one with Z-Wave locks (you’ll have to already have a Z-Wave network in the home of course).

The with the both versions you can set up virtual keys for every member of the family. You send temporary keys (and revoke them or make them time-based) to guests. There is no charge for assigning virtual keys—you can assign as many as you want. Some keyless smart locks charge for each virtual key.

The Danalocks also will still work with your old key, so don’t throw it away.

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