Cronkite Was Right About Home of the Future

Future technology predicted


This is too fun not to share. Consumerist dug up some videos from the Smithsonian archives of an old Walter Cronkite TV show called The 21st Century about what the home of the future may look like from the vantage of 1967. Walter Cronkite narrates the videos and a tells us what 2001 technology may be like. We’re a bit beyond 2001, but how have we done?

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What’s cool is that many of the predictions are correct.

Multiroom audio? Yes

3D TVs? Yes

Round speakers? Yes

Lighting control and automation? Yes and yes.

Of course our interfaces are better, and smartphones easier to hold than desk-sized consoles, but we seem to be pretty much on track.

Even the smart glass predicted in the video is here; it’s just not in wide use. But this is a good example of a home application.

Where the predictions veered off track farthest was in the kitchen, where automated chefs and instantly molded plates and cups would materialize inside our magic cooking things. Actually, 3D printing has made huge strides in the past year, but I’m not sure I’d eat from something that came out of one of those devices.

You can find more of these videos at The Consumerist.


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