Crestron’s New 5-inch Touchpanel Includes Intercom and PoE

A dedicated touchpanel that feels like a smartphone


Just because smart phones and tablets can serve as decent home control devices, doesn’t mean they’re ideal for that. Yet, people like the convenience, shape and size of standard portables. To help fulfill that need, while still offering the reliability of a dedicated touch controller, Crestron introduced the TSW-550, part of the Core 3 UI series.

The TSW-550 uses Crestron’s Core 3 interface which allows easy navigation among all a user’s connected systems—audio/video sources, HVAC, security, lights… you name it. The 5-inch device connects and derives power from PoE (power over Ethernet) and is compatible with H.264 streaming video.

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Capacitive touch makes the device very fast and responsive to the user’s finger. The dynamic GUI adds effects and gesture navigation to swipe, scroll, drag, and drop as smooth as on any smart phone. Kinetic effects are built into custom knobs, sliders, and gauges. Five soft-touch buttons provide quick access to commonly used functions. Pre-labeled with icons are availablefor Power, Home, Lights, plus Up and Down functions, and each button is programmable.

An intercom technology called Rava SIP enables hands-free full-duplex VoIP communication between any two Rava-enabled Crestron touch screens and third-party door stations. Telephone and group paging service lets users communicate with anyone inside or outside of the home or across the world.

The TSW-550 can easily be used in retrofit projects because it installs with the included post-construction bracket and can be attached directly to drywall and other surfaces. It magnetically adheres to its mounting bracket, eliminating any visible screws.

The video below shows the Crestron user interface (UI) in action:

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