Crestron Packs TV, Touchscreen and Computer into V-Panel

The 24-inch V24-C allows you to control the home, watch HDTV, surf the web, and more.


Crestron is incorporating a little tablet love into its lengthy lineup of home products. The newly announced V24-C 24-inch HD Touch Screen Display packs in touchscreen navigation, full color graphics, and HD video with DigitalMedia 8G+ connectivity.

The company says that this new product actually combines separate touchscreens, TVs and computers into one unit. So yes, it’s like a tablet computer. However, it also allows the homeowner to access all of Crestron’s control options, as well as a wealth of AV goodies, from anywhere in the house.

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The V24-C works in conjunction with the Crestron DGE-2 Digital Graphics Engine, which can be stored up to 330 feet away in an equipment closet. Like most tablets, you can work your way around the unit using a simple finger swipe. There’s also an on-screen keyboard and mouse, or you can hook up external options through the built-in USB port.

A nice little hook is that the V24-C also features full HDCP support, which means you can use it to view content-protected DVDs, Blu-rays, HDTV, streaming video, and other content.

“Pairing V24-C V-Panel with our DGE-2 graphics engine lets you view virtually any video source you want, both HD digital and analog, using multiple full motion video windows,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron’s VP of technology. “While having complete Crestron control at your fingertips, now you can also watch TV, DVDs and HD video, browse the Internet, or run a video conference and have plenty of screen space to do multiple things at once.”

Other features on the V24-C include a DM input, split-screen viewing, S-PVA display technology, 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and a built-in HD scaler.

Crestron says that the V24-C 24-inch HD Touch Screen Display is now shipping to authorized Crestron dealers. Mounting options for the wall and the tabletop are also available.


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