Crestron Launches New Home Automation Touchscreens with Voice Control

Luxury touch for home automation

Not all home automation system touchpanels are created equal. As popular automation systems move toward replacing all their touchscreen with iPads, Crestron has updated its touchscreens to make them even more functional.

The new Crestron touchscreen, in several popular sizes, now include support for voice commands. Crestron says users can tell these touchscreens to like “Play Alicia Keys” or “Watch Sky Sports,” for example, and the system will make it happen.

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The TSW-552, 752 and 1052 use Crestron’s Smart Graphics and a bright, capacitive screen. They support H.264 video and single-wire power-over-internet. They also are capable of web browsing, so you can check out web sites or social media. The Smart Graphics system enables gesture navigation and kinetic effects (such as knobs, slides and gauges).

In addition to the screens mentioned above, there’s new big 20-inch touchscreen, the TSD-2020 that features 1080p resolution. It can go on a wall or table and can display 8 simultaneous video windows (handy for surveillance cameras).

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