Crestron Debuts New Core 3 OS Home Control Products

The new MC3 3-Series Controller and TPMC-9L wall touchpanel are now shipping.


Crestron has been insanely busy this week. The company has been cooking up all kinds of new ways to control an Electronic House.

First up, the company just announced the Crestron MC3, the first 3-Series control system powered by Core 3 OS. The cloud-based 3-Series is designed to be the foundation for an advanced home control setup.

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Crestron says that the MC3 operates similar to a computer, with the ability to run up to 10 independent programs simultaneously. The MC3 also boasts better speeds, processing power, memory, and enhanced security and multitasking.

“The MC3 represents the future of our industry. It’s the first control system built like an IT platform, designed for intelligent home and building management,” explains Randy Klein, Crestron’s executive VP. “The MC3 is just the first in what will be a full line of 3-Series control systems powered by our Core 3 OS.”

Another major MC3 perk is how it operates during upgrades — or that it actually does operate during upgrades. Tweaks to A/V, lighting, security or any other part of the system can be performed while the other programs are still in use. In other words, there’s no need to go without the entire system just because you want to make it better.

For something slightly flashier, Crestron has the TPMC-9L (pictured below). This is the latest in the company’s line of Core 3 OS-ready touchpanels. The 9-inch widescreen display is just the right size for custom graphical interfaces, cover art, control apps, widgets, HD streaming for IP and webcams, and much more.

The TPMC-9L is designed to be easy, whether you use a finger swipe or one of the faceplate’s 12 programmable hard-key pushbuttons. The TPMC-9L is also available in a sleek button-free design.

Contact your local Crestron rep for more information about the products, as well as pricing.


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