Crestron Announces Next Wi-Fi Touchpanel

The TPMC-4XG ups the wireless options, adding in 802.11g support.

Crestron TMPC-4XG

Crestron's new TMPC-4XG remote now supports 802.11g.

Crestron is cranking out another touchpanel.

As a follow up to the TPMC-4X, the company just announced the TPMC-4XG. This one adds in 802.11g support, in addition to the previous model’s 802.11b features. That means the unit can link to Creston control systems, as well as media servers and computers.

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Other features include a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, 16-bit graphics, a stylus for on-screen keyboard use, and Windows Sideshow support. The unit also has 19 tactile pushbuttons, 10 “smartly-placed” buttons, a 5-way thumb pad, and 4 “context-assignable” hard keys along the bottom. Sounds like you’d have plenty to play with.

Crestron also says that the TPMC-4XG offers longer use between battery charges — although they didn’t say exactly how much longer.

Like most Crestron products, you’ll have to call a dealer to get the pricing info.


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