Control4 Releases Home Controller HC-300

Even if you can't afford a complete home automation package, Control4's new HC-300 can serve as a control foundation.

Control4 HC-300

Control4 Home Controller HC-300

Control4 recently unveiled its latest home automation control device, the Home Controller HC-300. The HC-300 is designed to simplify control over a smart home’s sub-systems, including home theater, distributed audio, lighting and HVAC.

Available in July for around $699, the HC-300 is a step-and-a-half above the company’s first-generation Home Theatre Controller, bringing some intelligent features to the table, including HD on-screen output, two serial ports for serial-capable devices, Wi-Fi expansion capabilities, and backwards compatibility with older Control4 products.

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The HC-300 integrates Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee technologies for the maximum in mesh networking and expansion. It’s not a bad home automation hub for under a grand, and it allows for in-home remote control and access over the web.

Generally speaking, and in my opinion, Control4 is “that company” that offers quality home automation solutions for pretty reasonable prices. An average person might not be able to afford one of their “solutions” or total packages right off the bat, but it is realistic to piece together a system over time and feel pretty smug about the features that their products bring.

They don’t seem to be sacrificing aesthetics and quality material for affordability, either — this new HC-300 boasts “an industrial design with an anodized black aluminum chassis and a glossy black faceplate circled with warm metallic nickel accents.” Sounds like something I’d want to display to my guests. Check out for all their home automation goodies.

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