Control4 Makes This Bachelor Pad a Lot More Eligible

The London-based bachelor pad is plugged into AV, lighting, security and more.


When we think of a bachelor pad, we typically think of a La-Z-Boy, a TV and piles of dirty clothes and/or pizza boxes. However, we’re starting to change our way of thinking after checking out this bachelor pad, which is outfitted with goodies from Control4.

The Control4Fans YouTube post shows off a bachelor pad in the Notting Hill section of London that fuses funky art with some super-cool automation. Homeowner Mark Christophers says that he loves technology almost as much as his art, but didn’t have a clue about where to begin — so he called in James Paul AV.

“Marks’ got great input on the aesthetics. He kind of left the technical and how bit down to me,” says James Shorter of James Paul AV. “He knew how he wanted it to look and how he wanted it to work.”

He also knew that he wanted it to adapt. Being an avid art collector, Mark always seems to be bringing in something new — something that may need a spotlight or even mood lighting from the Control4 system.

Besides the lighting, the Control4 system also taps into TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, an Apple TV, automated shades and doors, security cameras, and more. Check out more about Mark’s space in the video below.

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