Control4 Expands Wireless Lighting Control Line

Home control manufacturer unveils slew of wireless lighting products.


Control4 has seen the light. Just a few months after announcing its panelized hardwired lighting control system, Control4 is unveiling a new family of wireless lighting control products.

Control4 Wireless Lighting control products, which are compatible with the new Control4 Panelized Lighting products, will be available in early June 2013 on an a la carte basis. The line provides a range of ZigBee-based solutions, including adaptive phase dimmers and combination keypad/dimmers, 0-10V dimmers for LED applications and configurable keypads for control. Other features include a palette of color and finish options, custom backlit engraved buttons, and programmable status LEDs supporting customizable color hues.

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Each new switch, dimmer, and keypad includes an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of status LEDs and button backlighting, which means there is no programming necessary to set up various LED light strengths. For light commercial applications, the line has 277V capability for conference rooms, sports bars, etc.

“We spent eight years learning everything we need to know about lighting,” says Scott Stephenson, Control4′s senior product manager of lighting and comfort. “We have been watching the way the world is changing with LED and have incorporated everything dealers have asked for. This new Control4 Wireless Lighting is incredibly sophisticated.”

According to a report from Pike Research, the global market for intelligent lighting controls will enjoy steady growth through this decade, rising from $1.5 billion in 2012 to more than $4.3 billion in 2020.

“Our focus has always been on the connected home to make it a more personalized environment for a family,” says Martin Plaehn, Control4 CEO. “Consumers look at home automation through different lenses, whether it be home theater, multiroom audio, security, window treatments, lighting control or energy management. We span the entire spectrum. We have be putting in significant investment into our platform and into specific ‘lenses.’ One ‘lens’ that is growing is lighting control. Everyone is going through the transformation from incandescent to LEDs. Recognizing that this transformation was coming, two years ago we began our effort to develop lighting control both hardwired and wireless.”

Plaehn continues, “Lighting control, when integrated with automation, is quickly becoming an essential smart home application. Intelligent lighting enhances the aesthetics of the entire home, helps manage energy consumption, and with Control4 technology can integrate with security, Audio/Video and climate-control systems, as well as with window shades and other devices to create truly personalized experiences for homeowners.”

Control4 integrates lighting control with other automation functions to create “scenes,” including a “Home” scene that creates a lighting path from the entry to the kitchen and disarms the security system; an “Entertainment” scene which dims all the lights and cues the A/V system; an “Away” scene which lowers the shades, places the AC into energy savings mode, shuts off all but a few select lights, and activates the security system.

The Control4 Wireless Lighting family includes:

Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer: eliminates much of the guesswork associated with choosing the right dimmer for a project and alleviates the need to replace the dimmer when the load type changes in the future. The Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer is compatible with a broad range of dimmable load types including most LEDs, incandescents, halogens, electronic low voltage (solid state) transformers, magnetic (iron core) low voltage transformers, fluorescents, and compact fluorescents. (120V, 240V, or 277V) U.S. MSRP $180.

According to Stephenson, this dimmer can auto detect loads and will save integrators lots of time as LEDs become more pervasive. “With LEDS you don’t know forward or reverse phase. Most work better with reverse. Incandescents can work both ways but some work better using forward phase. Electronic transformers must be reverse, while magnetic transformers must be forward. It means no more having to swap out dimmers. The same adaptive phase dimmer will work.”

Wireless Configurable Keypad: creates a customizable user interface. The keypad can be configured with two to seven custom-engraved, LED backlit buttons, using four different button sizes, for a total of 37 possible configurations. (120V/277V or 240V) U.S. MSRP $200.

Wireless Keypad Dimmer: transforms a standard light switch or dimmer into a fully customizable keypad and dimmer, combining the dimming capabilities of the Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer with the Wireless Configurable Keypad. (120V, 240V, or 277V) U.S. MSRP $250.

Wireless Fan Speed Controller: delivers fan speed control of standard paddle-type ceiling fans, with four fan speed buttons and an off button. The Wireless Fan Speed Controller also enables fan speed to be incorporated into Control4 systems for climate control and other automated events. (120V) U.S. MSRP $190.

Wireless 0-10V Dimmer: provides in-wall control of 4-wire 0-10V dimmable fluorescent ballasts and LEDs, an increasingly popular choice in architectural residential and commercial projects. (120V/277V or 240V) U.S. MSRP $190.

Wireless Forward Phase Dimmer: delivers an economical solution for dimming forward phase compatible loads, including incandescents, line-voltage halogens, and magnetic transformers. Particularly well-suited to dimming high-wattage loads such as chandeliers and large banks of recessed lights, the Forward Phase Dimmer is also compatible with forward phase dimmable LEDs, CFLs, and fluorescents. (120V) U.S. MSRP $140.

Wireless Switch: provides on/off control for virtually every type of load, including LED lights, incandescents, halogens, electronic low voltage (solid state) transformers, magnetic (iron core) low voltage transformers, fluorescents, compact fluorescents, and motors, including ceiling fans and bathroom ventilation fans. With its relay and high amperage rating, the switch can handle high in-rush loads such as fountain pumps or large banks of fluorescent lights. It can also be used to switch wall outlets. (120V/277V or 240V) U.S. MSRP $140.

Auxiliary Keypad: provides an economical solution for three-way control of a load. Using the home or business’ existing in-wall three-way wiring, the Auxiliary Keypad wires directly to any compatible Control4 Dimmer, Switch, or Fan-Speed Controller. (120V/277V) U.S. MSRP $40.

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