Colorado vNet Has Your Weather Forecast

Control systems provider Colorado vNet has added a Weather Application Module to its systems that you can tap into on a Vibe Touchscreen.

colorado vnet weather

Colorado vNet's Weather Application Module

Heading on a trip and aren’t sure what to pack? Don’t know if you need that spring coat or not before you step out for the day?

If you’ve got a Colorado vNet automation system or distributed audio system, you’ll be able to check the weather forecast in a snap with the company’s new WX1-40 Weather Application Module.

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With access from your Vibe Touchscreen, you’ll be able to tap into current weather conditions, hourly forecasts or longer-range 5-day forecasts. You can make any location a default, or rename locations to personalize them.

When you enter a zip code or browse by country/state/city, you’ll be able to add locations to check. You can also pick fro a list of previously viewed cities for quick reference.

For homes with larger automation systems, the WX1-40 allows up to 40 touchscreens to display weather info — if you don’t have nearly that many, you can also choose from the WX1-5, WX1-10, WX1-20 and WX1-30 for the corresponding configuration.

The modules work with the HAMweather service, so your Colorado vNet dealer will have no problem accessing the info, and giving you Weather Channel-like access — without waiting for Local Weather on the 8′s.


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