Clare Controls Updates ClareHome with Greater Security

ClareHome version 2.2 enhances secure remote communications for automation controls.

It’s understandable if people are still leery of the whole “cloud” business when it comes to storing and accessing audio and video content. And you really don’t want to have to worry about any communications errors or malfunctions if you’ve put your home’s key control operations in the cloud.

Clare Controls is trying to put your mind, and your custom electronics pro’s mind, at ease with the forthcoming update to its unique ClareHome automation system, which is hosted in the cloud for use in your home and debuted last year during CEDIA Expo after debuting Clare Cloud ecosystem at CEDIA Expo 2011.

The company’s ClareHome 2.2 release will be shipping to new and existing customers on July 8 and promises “to provide secure remote communications with in-home ClareOS controllers, without compromising network firewalls. FusionLink will allow Clare dealers to connect to users’ servers for project management/maintenance.”

That way, using ClareAnywhere you can control your home systems wherever you are, without worry about any cloud communications hiccups, whether you’re accessing controls from in-home or mobile interface devices.

Clare also says that the 2.2 release updates and adds new features and functionality to all parts of the Clare ecosystem, including the Clare Controls App user interface, the cloud-based Fusion Configuration Tool and the ClareOS operating system.

Check out this link to get a better idea of exactly how all the pieces of Clare Controls’ cloud-based puzzle fit together to provide your robust home controls.

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