Clare Controls Starts Shipping ClareHome Automation System

After months of waiting and beta tests, Clare Controls is ready to offer its cloud-based control system.


We’re been talking up the ClareHome home automation system for quite some time (most notably here and here). Now it looks as though the company is ready to share with the masses.

Clare Controls just announced that they are now shipping ClareHome. The hook on this home automation system is that it has a cloud-based portal, which means that your dealer can configure, deploy and manage the system from remote locations.

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Another nifty feature allows users to design and install personalized interfaces without outside assistance.

The timing of the release is certainly right. Apple just announced the new iPad yesterday. ClareHome can use the tablet, as well as an iPhone or any web browser, to access and manage the system.

“Following a lengthy and rigorous beta test cycle, we have installed ClareHome in a wide variety of environments, ranging from The New American Home for 2012 to a 26,000 square-foot mansion in north Florida,” said Brett Price, the company’s CEO and founder. “Based on the success of these projects, we feel confident that we’re offering a rock-solid, quality product; one we’re proud to ship.”

If you want to get a peek at ClareHome, the company is currently out on a North American Road Tour to promote the product. Look for live, hands-on demonstrations in Cincinnati and Chicago, with dates coming for West Palm Beach, San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles.


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