Clare Controls Packs Automation into ClareHome System One Package

The new compact package includes the new Integrated Streams Audio system.


Home control is supposed to be convenient, not complicated. That advantage should extend to the installation process as well. Clare Controls agrees, so they just introduced the ClareHome System One.

The new package is compact — and complete with the new Linux-based ClareOS Controller, the iMR Integrated Multi-Room Audio Solution, and the company’s Streams Audio Bridge.

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That iMR combines a CobraNet switch, a preamplifier and modular amplifiers into one chassis. Promising lossless studio-quality digital audio to multiple rooms from a variety of sources, the various models can provide either 25 or 50 watts per channel, in 4- or 6-channel configurations. Extra channels can also be added via additional iMRs and a single Cat 5e cable.

Clare’s Linux Controller boasts the same cloud-based management, OS functionality and Apple-based user experience as the original, but at less than half the cost. Other features include integration of lighting, shades and security systems, as well as select Z-Wave components. certified third-party ancillary systems, and the Streams Audio Solution.

According to Clare Controls, the whole system can be installed in a traditional rack or on put on a shelf. The bridge, controller and iMR are powered jointly, so just an Ethernet cable is needed to connect the iMR and the bridge to the ClareOS controller.

The ClareHome System One will make its official debut at next month’s CEDIA Expo. Clare Controls expects to start shipping the package sometime in October 2012.


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