Clare Controls Launches ClareHome App

The new app promises to do away with the traditional control app experience.


Every electronic product seems to have its own companion app — or one on the way, at least. Today, Clare Controls promised to do something different, with the introduction of the ClareHome App.

Designed for use with the iPad and iPhone, the ClareHome App will put some of the customization into the user’s hands. In other words, you won’t just be held to the typical “click room X, perform function Y in room X” that the integrator has installed; you can actually configure individual iPads and iPhones based on favorite things to do, not just whatever room you’re in.

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The app displays two types of user controls on dashboards known as Control Spaces. Smart icons can display all of the live data, such as room temperatures and alarm status. From there, users can tap the icons to open full system control. The Control Spaces also feature dockable applets for basic system control. That way, scenes, services and locations can all be accessed via a single command. And, of course, Control Spaces can be unique for every user.

“Users will be delighted with its personalized functionality,” said Clare Controls CEO Brett Price. “Simply put, no other home automation product puts as much control over the interface in the users’ hands.”

Clare Controls will be showing off the ClareHome App at the CEDIA Expo, from September 6-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana. After that, the company expects its first shipments to dealers to hit sometime in Q4 2012.


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