Clare Controls Conjures Up Cloud-Based Home Automation

The company's ClareHome is said to be the first home system to be managed from the cloud and run on a Mac.


We’ve seen Mac-based home control before (hello Savant!). However, Clare Controls is adding a slight twist to claim a different first in the world of home automation.

The company just launched ClareHome, which is said to be the first home control system that is both managed from the cloud and runs on a Mac. Managed is the key word here, rather than hosted. That means if the web goes down, the system still works.

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Also, because it uses a cloud-based portal, your dealer/installer can easily configure, fix and monitor your home system, cutting out the need for pricey service calls. It also means that, yes, even you can tweak that system, to create and customize interfaces.

Another bonus is that the system uses a little something called AppModules. AppModules allow the homeowner to easily add functionality to the ClareHome system in the areas of audio, video, security, lighting control, and much more. It also allows you to customize the system through dealer requests. For instance, if you’re looking to add a little something to the system, you can message your dealer right through the cloud (of course). The dealer could then quickly configure your request and send it back through to cloud for download. This type of setup also makes it very easy to add components, without the need for a house call.

“Clare Controls was founded on two key principles: putting the user in control or the user experience and improving dealer efficiency,” said Brett Price, CEO and founder of Clare Controls. “The advanced technologies in our ClareHome system revolutionize and simplify the process of operating and altering the functions of a home automation system — for both dealers and end-users.”

As far as actually accessing the cloud and the system, ClareHome taps into the power of Apple’s iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch as the system’s main method of control.

Clare Controls plans to officially launch ClareHome at next month’s CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, Ind. The show runs from September 7-10, 2011.

See an Apple/Savant-based home automation system here.


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