Chronis Comfort RTS Timer


Program interior and exterior window coverings to raise or lower at certain times of the day to help manage heat gain in summer months and heat loss during the winter. Built-in security function may also be set so window coverings operate at a different time from one day to the next, creating a lived in look even while occupants are away from their home. Individual or group control possible with 4 timed functions per day. Secure rolling code to minimize interference with other radio products in the home. On-screen menu for simplified date and time configuration. Possible to program weekly or daily timed functions. Optional sun sensor sends window coverings to either the down or intermediate position in order to adjust to direct sunlight.

Blinds and roller shutters can be automatically controlled using set timers:

  • Protection of the residence: timer settings allow the occupants to simulate their presence when they are not home as well as ensure that all the roller blinds and shutters are closed at night.
  • Energy saving: in winter, roller shutters are automatically lowered in the later afternoon hours to reduce heat loss through the windows.

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