Christmas Lights Can Dance Gangnam Style

This automated lighting display will get your toes tapping and your jaw dropping.


Someone in Western Australia knows how to get down at the holidays. YouTube user WorldsBestXmasLights has lived up to his name by creating an automated Christmas display to the tune of Psy’s pop hit, “Gangnam Style.”

The setup has 41,000 bulbs, 2,000 light channels, and about 1.2 miles’ worth of cable. Now, before you get all Grinchy about how much the guy spends on electricity, know that it only costs him an extra $10 per week during the season.

He says that it did take him about 200 hours to set the whole thing up. However, it sounds like it’s worth it, considering that some of his past projects have raised about $90,000 for community projects.

If you’re in the area of Bishop Riley Way, which is in the Churchlands suburb of Perth, Western Australia, you can check this display out for yourself on a nightly basis. If jumping on a plane and flying to the other side of the world isn’t in your Christmas budget, you can just check out the display in the video below — and dance along if you dare!


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