CentraLite Announces Wireless Lighting Control

The JetStream lights, dims, and combines with other automation systems, such as A/V, security and more.


Replace your existing light switches with JetStream dimmers and keypads, and the system is ready to operate in minutes.

The world is going wireless — even the world of lighting. CentraLite has just announced that they plan to join the rest of us via JetStream, a new wireless lighting control system.

No master controller is needed. Everything is available right on the keypads, which can easily replace your existing light switches.

For those of you that couldn’t previously fit lighting into the budget, this one is actually pretty affordable. The starter kit is $699, which isn’t chicken feed, but that cost covers two 3-button dimmers, three 1-button dimmers, a car remote, and four pre-programmed scenes (Welcome, All On, Goodnight, Entertain). Good luck finding something like that at such a nice price.

Of course, plenty of add-ons will be available once they suck you into the system. It can also be integrated with other home control products such as thermostats, entertainment systems, and security equipment.

Expect the JetStream to be available by Q4 this year. Until then, you can start memorizing the features on the product’s website.


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