CEDIA Installer Q & A: 360 Media Innovations


This Month Electronic House magazine profiled the Elan g! home automation and music distribution system in the house of Cake Boss Buddy Valastro. The system design and installation was done by 360 Media Innovations in Maplewood, NJ.

While at CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, I ran into 360′s Chima and Abiose Gale, and asked them what they were most impressed by at this year’s Expo.

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What technologies are you looking for at CEDIA this year?

We are looking at control systems. We talked to Savant and AMX for a high-end control system. We’re also looking for a receiver line. We’re going to talk to Integra and NAD and figure out where we’re going to go from a high-end receiver and amplifier standpoint. Also power conditioning, I think we’re sold on the SurgeX product line for that.

What are you looking for in high-end audio equipment, what qualities?

Balanced audio, maybe 3D capability. With pre processors we want to make sure they have the 3D capable side because a lot of our clients are asking about 3D, and we want to make sure that’s done right.

Have you been looking at 3D video products?

We’ve looked at the JVC projectors, some of the Runco projectors… We did like the JVC 4K and a SIM2 projector. The JVC 4K looked good.

What are you interested in multiroom audio?

Well we’re currently Elan dealers so we’re happy there.

Is there anything that you haven’t seen that you’re still looking for?

We’re interested in cloud-based technology. We haven’t made it over to the Clare Controls booth yet, but it is something that we have on our list to see. Also hand-held remotes.

To take a look at the system 360 Media Innovations did for Buddy Valastro, go here.


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