Catalog a Wine Collection with eSommelier

The Wine Management System from eSommelier now includes a concierge service where personnel come to your home and catalog and bar code every bottle.

esommelier concierge

eSommelier's concierge service helps catalog your wine collection

If you’ve got a substantial wine collection — and a home automation system like Crestron or AMX, to boot — you probably don’t want to go through much of a hassle to find that special bottle of merlot or pinot noir the next time you invite guests to your dinner party.

Wine Management System provider eSommelier has added to its electronic solutions a concierge service to help you catalog your collection.

The eSommelier consultation includes having its staff go to your home and catalog and bar code every bottle there, so you can manage your cellar by country, region, winery, variety, bottle size, vintage, quantity and location.

If you want, they’ll go in and reorganize your cellar from top to bottom — they can group the wines together however you like and assign locations so you can find them easily, even attaching reviews, tasting notes and drink date recommendations from professional wine connoisseurs that you can tap into from your home control touchscreen.

The concierge service may take two to five days, depending on the size of the cellar and amount of bottles that need labeling and cataloging.

You can even have wine label art uploaded to the touchscreen access. Kinda like iTunes for wine. And for the analog world, I know some audiophiles’ record collections that could use an eSommelier-like treatment.


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