CasaTunes Unveils Android App

Designed to work with Android 2.1 or later, this new app will control CasaTunes servers throughout the entire house.


Manufacturers are slowly but surely incorporating smartphones into the home control experience. We’ve seen a lot of iPhone apps pop up. Now, CasaTunes is giving Android users some love.

The newly announced Android app can control the company’s multiroom audio system anywhere in the house. Designed to work with Android versions 2.1 or later (including Gingerbread), the app is a free upgrade for all CasaTunes owners.

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“With the Android app, homeowners who own one of the new Android based phones or tablets can select and play music in any room of the home where they have CasaTunes music, from anywhere in the home that is covered by their wireless network,” said Kim Knapp, co-founder of CasaTunes. “Plus, they can create schedules for waking up to music, display and change the currently playing music and create CasaTunes Playlists. The new Android app for CasaTunes gives the owners the capability of complete control of their music from a modern, handheld device.”

CasaTunes Music Servers can put music into installations with anywhere from six to 48 rooms.

The Android app for CasaTunes is available now, for free, via the Android Market. If you want to try out the app before you buy CasaTunes, there is a trial version. You can also download a video walkthrough on the CasaTunes website.


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