CasaTunes Gadget Previews Windows SideShow

CasaTools has added Windows SideShow support for an easier, less expensive way to access whole-house audio.


CasaTunes Gadget supports multiple remote controls, and each can operate independently of the other remotes.

Go-go-Gadget! CasaTools just announced their CasaTunes Gadget has Windows SideShow support. That means that users can view and control music (including PC, iPod and satellite radio) all over the house via a low-cost remote.

SideShow uses “gadgets,” little software programs that can control audio via remote control. All of the info about the music playing is easily viewed and accessed from the Gadget.

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The idea is that in the future, you’ll be able to download more gagdet applications for increased functionality.

The CasaTunes Gadget is being tested with early Windows SideShow production models. A preview version is available with the CasaTunes Multi-Zone Music Server. The CasaTunes Gadget is $249.


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