Bright Idea: Lutron Website Calculates Your Energy, Dollar Savings

Lutron's new interactive web page provides an interactive demo that calculates the money and electricity you can save by dimming your lights.

lutron dimmer

Lutron's Diva dimmer

If you’re thinking about adding some dimmers to your lighting setup and are wondering how much electricity and dough you’ll save, Lutron Electronics has done the math for you.

The manufacturer has launched a branch of its website,, devoted to calculating savings in both of those green ways. The interactive setup includes a bunch of facts about lighting energy and dimming technology’s influence.

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You can choose from a variety of typical rooms in a house, and input information such as how many bulbs and their wattage, and then as you slide one of Lutron’s virtual dimmers on the page it will feed you back info that includes: what percent you are dimming the lights, percentage of electricty costs saved, length of bulb’s average lifespan, and the estimated 5-year financial savings.

The website is part of Lutron’s “Light Greener, Light Better” campaign directed toward both residences and businesses to provide awareness on ways lighting control can affect your lives and the environment.

Talk about a bright idea!


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