Briggs & Stratton Adds Infohub Monitoring to Generator Products

The new wireless monitoring option can keep you up to date with your generator's status.

If you’re going to go through all of the trouble and money that’s involved with buying and installing a generator, you typically want it to work. However, you can’t always be at home to keep a watchful eye.

Now, Briggs & Stratton is adding a little tech perk to its standby generator, known as infohub wireless monitoring. This new option allows users to check in on a generator’s status, from anywhere in the world.

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Infohub works in conjunction with any web-enabled device, including computers, iOS and Android devices. Just log into the website or mobile app and you’ll know if the system is ready for an outage. Users can also tap into infohub to see if a generator is running or if it needs any sort of maintenance. The service can even send text messages and email alerts.

“Infohub wireless monitoring creates true peace of mind for homeowners who may be under the threat of a power outage,” said Amanda Grandy, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton. “With infohub, homeowners can receive text and email alerts when their generator needs repair or maintenance, so it’s always ready for operation when utility power goes down. The infohub mobile app feature is more convenient for on-the-go homeowners than the web solutions offered by many competitive monitoring solutions.”

Briggs & Stratton says that infohub is compatible with most of the standby generators that the company produced after 2005, as well as all GE Generator Systems standby generators. Contact your local Briggs & Stratton or GE Generator Systems dealer for more information and pricing.

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