Bracketron Starts Selling Motorized iPad Mount

Bracketron says that its iRoom iDock is the first motorized, in-wall iPad mounting solution.


Whether you opt for the new iPad or the previous iPad 2, Apple’s tablet is certainly a nice choice for home control. Now, you just need a way to mount it.

Bracketron just announced availability of its iRoom iDock, a powered, motorized in-wall iPad mounting solution for residential and commercial applications.

Available in portrait and landscape models, the iRoom iDock is designed to be flush-mounted into the wall and blend into any room. It includes both power and composite audio internal connections, as well as that motorized docking system to open and close the iDock to securely store and charge up the iPad.

That patented solution can be activated by a one-touch proximity sensor, which recognizes when you are nearby and switches the iDock to the open position. This allows the homeowner to easily insert the iPad. Once it’s in place, the proximity sensor can also be disabled to lock the iPad into place.

Bracketron is currently selling the iRoom iDock through Best Buy’s Magnolia store, as well as its own dealers and distributors. There are Power over Ethernet (PoE ) and 110V models, with prices starting at $599 to $1,599.


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