Borg Announces Pro8lt In-Wall Control Panel

As part of the Protégé line, the new solution boasts a powerful processor with a smaller footprint.


We’re guessing that a lot of you did not get controllers for Christmas. Oh, how sad! To make up for the lack of automation in your stocking, Borg Displays, Inc. has introduced the Pro8lt.

As part of the Protégé product line, this in-wall embedded interactive display boasts the same powerful X86-based processor with Windows XPe — but with a smaller footprint.

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“This puppy stands alone as the penultimate implementation of our popular Protégé series in-wall controllers,” said Craig Slawson, Borg’s president. “Sans audio in/out and hard buttons and webcam, the Pro8lt offers all the same application support of the Protégé 8 on a clean form factor.”

The Protégé line features an affordable suite of touchpanels in sizes ranging from 6 to 21 inches. Designed to run quiet, fast and cool, Protégé panels can be used with networked content, third-party control, energy management, and much more. Check out the Borg Displays website for more info.


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