Blaze App Makes Automation Look Like The Sims

The new app can control security, lighting, AV and more, all via an iPad.


For something as cool as home control, why do most of the apps look like something from the ‘80s? Blaze Automation was probably thinking the same thing when they came up with the new Blaze Home Automation app.

Designed to work with Blaze’s product offering, the new app can tap into all of your home systems, media content and even the web, from a very cool looking user interface for the iPad.

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According to the company, the Blaze Home Automation app works inside the home and halfway across the world via the iPad’s WiFi connection and the Blaze Home Automation server application, which needs to be running on a LAN-connected PC at home.

The app allows the user to program triggered events or you can just press a button for instant access to lighting, heating, music, or even to fire up the hot tub.

Before you download the free app, you’ll need to emblazon your home with some of the Blaze’s other products. Check out the company’s website for more information and a list of dealers in your area.


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