Bill Rancic Talks Technology

The original Apprentice shares what he likes most about his high-tech home.


Bill Rancic Talks Technology

The original Apprentice dishes on his favorite high-tech gadgets.

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You know him as Donald Trump’s protégé on the first installment of “The Apprentice” series. Maybe you’ve seen him on A&E’s “We Mean Business” or Style Network’s reality show “Giuliana and Bill.” When I met with Bill last week at his Chicago home, I learned something else about the successful real estate developer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker: He loves technology, specifically the technology that he recently had professionally installed in the 12,000-square foot home he shares with his Giuliana (E! News host).

Bill is no stranger to using home control systems, touchscreen-style interfaces and home theater equipment. His previous homes were decked out with the stuff. But in this new house, which underwent an extensive remodel, the Rancics incorporated a few additional amenities, some of which have become all-time favorites.
Here are some of them::

Sim2 LED Video Projector
Bill: “It’s so much quieter than the [DLP] we had in our previous home,” Bill says.

iPad Integration
Bill: “We prefer to use an iPad instead of home control touchscreens to operate the lights, music and home theater equipment.”

Control4 Remote Monitoring
Bill: “We travel so much that being able to control our home remotely is critical for us. The other day while in Miami I deactivated the alarm from my iPad to let someone into the house, then locked it back up when they left. I also saw that people had helped themselves to some water from the refrigerator in our back yard barbeque area.”

Their Dark Brown Home Theater
Giuliana: “Bill wanted the room to be light; I wanted it dark. Bill thought I was crazy, but I felt it had to be dark to look and feel like a real theater. It was the right decision. We’re freaking out over it.”

Rhapsody through the Control4 Whole-House Audio System
“It’s all we listen to. We have tons of playlists. Giuliana has her Lady Gaga tunes for working out; I’ve also made up playlists for Christmas, Italian music for when the in-laws are in town, and dinner parties.”

Be sure to check out our March/April issue for the full scoop on Bill and Giuliana’s high-tech home.

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