Winner: Best Integrated Home System

Crestron’s 2007 Award for “Best Integrated Home System” goes to IVCi Home’s Westchester County, New York project house.


A home automation installation on a project home in Westchester County, New York, won IVCi Home the 2007 Crestron Integration award for “Best Integrated Home System.” The award goes to a solution that best integrates lighting, HVAC, security, distributed audio and video and home theatre systems into one Crestron control panel.

I don’t allocate many articles for those I would deem “professional integrators,” like the folks at IVCi Home. Maybe that is because I imagine only a small percentage of readers could actually afford one of their solutions. (Incidentally, IVCi’s award-winning project was designed and installed for an entertainment industry type who wanted the home to “embody Hollywood-style elegance. I doubt many corners were cut.) The truth is, though, it’s the higher-end of the home automation industry that drives would-be developers of affordable solutions to attempt to replicate the professionally installed system for those homeowners who have equal interest in – but perhaps not the affluence to afford – whole-home automation.

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So, read up on the IVCi award-winning home, dream about having your own integrated home automation system, and take solace in knowing that you can, and you don’t have to spend whatever this homeowner spent…


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