Berkline is Going Out of Business

The company just announced that it would shutter operations immediately, with plans to liquidate all assets.


Just last week, we were talking up Berkline as one of our favorite home theater add-ons. After all, it seemed like a no-brainer, being a popular seating choice among many of our readers. Well, now consumers may have to find another comfy seating option.

Furniture Today says that Berkline is planning to shutter its business and liquidate all of its assets. EH has confirmed the news with Berkline’s PR rep.

The upholstery and home theater seating company has apparently been trying to sell for quite some time.

“It has determined that an orderly liquidation of substantially all of the company’s assets is the only viable course of action,” Berkline said in a statement.

According to the announcement, the company has slowly been in decline since 2008. The move will leave more than 600 people out of work.

“Berkline … is disappointed by the decision to liquidate, and … deeply regrets the impact this will have on its employees, customers, suppliers and communities,” the release said.

Berkline was founded in 1928 in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1937, the company expanded to Morristown, Tennessee, which has served as its headquarters ever since.


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