Belkin Adds Crockpot and LED Lighting to WeMo Automation Family

The company also plans to launch the WeMo Maker Kit so DIYers can build their own WeMo solutions.

In the past, we’ve seen Belkin’s WeMo line control lights and small appliances, as well as provide a peek at baby when he/she is sleeping. Now, the company is growing the popular automation line, announcing new WeMo products, which will start hitting store shelves this spring.

First up is the WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set and WeMo Smart LED Bulbs. This new addition will allow users to control, schedule, and dim smart LED bulbs from almost anywhere. Designed to replace your standard light bulb, WeMo Smart LED Bulbs work in conjunction with WeMo Link module and can be controlled via Wi-Fi and the free WeMo app for iOS and Android devices. According to Belkin, WeMo Smart LED Bulbs are 60-watt equivalent with 800 Lumens and 3000 Kelvin. Also worth noting is that these fully dimmable bulbs can be controlled individually or in groups.

The WeMo LED Starter Set will start selling in the spring, with an MSRP of $129.99. That price includes two LED Smart Bulbs and one WeMo Link, which can support up to 50 individual smart bulbs. Those bulbs will be sold separately, for $39.99 each.

Another really interesting announcement is the WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker. This product, which allows users to control a crockpot with a smartphone or tablet, is the result of a collaboration between Belkin and Jarden Consumer Solutions. That control will allow you to get reminders, change cooking times, adjust the crockpot’s temperature, or check in on the status of a dish.

Belkin is currently at CES 2014 showing off other Jarden Consumer Solutions co-branded products, including a Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker, a Holmes Smart Console Heater, and the Holmes Smart Air Purifier — all of which are enabled by WeMo. Although there’s no word on when those products will be available, the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker enabled by WeMo is coming sometime this spring for $99.99.

Last in the new WeMo lineup is the WeMo Maker Kit. Designed with the DIYer in mind, this option will allow users to tweak their own WeMo solutions and add control to anything with a DC switch. There’s also a small module that wires into low voltage devices, so you can monitor and manage a wide range of 5V DC sensors using that same WeMo app and your smartphone and/or tablet.

“Since first launching at the 2012 International CES, WeMo has become a major player in the connected home thanks to its simple, scalable, and affordable nature — words not typically associated with the connected home,” said Ohad Zeira, director of product management for WeMo. “As the most approachable entry point into the Smart Home, we are excited to introduce new products and app upgrades in 2014 that will continue that trend, as well as grow our business with Jarden Consumer Solutions and future partners to expand WeMo’s presence throughout the house.”

Belkin also plans to upgrade the WeMo app to accommodate all of the new products, as well as new features. Those changes will include a customizable long press gesture for the WeMo Light Switch, enhanced sunrise/sunset rules to select a time before or after sunset/sunrise, a simulated occupancy or vacation mode setting, and a countdown timer. Belkin says that the upgraded app will be available for both Android and iOS devices sometime next month.

The WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker will launch this spring.

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