BeeWi Mobot Allows Gadget Control On the Go

The plug-in module is currently a prototype.


Photo courtesy of Richard Trenholm/CNET.

Mobile World Congress 2013 is wrapping up today. This annual show has all of the latest and greatest little mobile gadgets — a lot of stuff for when you’re beyond the realm of the Electronic House. However, there’s one little item that caught our eye, because it allows you to take some of that control anywhere you have web access.

The BeeWi Mobot is a little plug-in module that allows you to control a connected gadget from almost anywhere.

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Just plug the Mobot into your outlet and your gadget of choice into the Mobot. According to CNET, it works in conjunction with a SIM card and an iPhone app. From there, the Mobot can communicate with other devices in the house, all via Bluetooth. It can also “talk” back to your phone, providing a device update or even to let you know if there’s movement in the house.

CNET says that the unit is just a protype at this point. However, the company is planning to have the Mobot in homes by the second or third quarter of this year. Expect prices to be around $195 for the master Mobot, with each extra plug going for about $80 each.


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