Bargain Automation System for $89

Includes tintable windows, lighting control, security and anything else you want.


We know the home control/automation market is growing rapidly. The number of addressable systems, ease of installation and programing and the easier to swallow prices are all significant trends in this industry. I just hadn’t known that it had reached the virtual market yet.

On the Second Life marketplace I came across a real estate listing for a home with a complete automation system (including tintable windows, controllable lighting and customizable home security) for the low price of L$89 (about $0.68 in real money).

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Because the system is virtual, I assume nothing’s out of the question when it comes to customizing. After all, Second Life is a place where you can have wings if you want to (I don’t mean buffalo wings, but you can probably have those too).

According to the listing, the home includes a terrace, glass-enclosed sun area, hardwood floors and a great view (of what, I’m not sure), plus three selectable styles of locks. I assume a home theater with a 3D projector would be out of the question. Or maybe not.

We were unable to get in touch with the integrator find out what control system the home uses. The interface shown in the picture below doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before.


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